Best 32 Inch Smart Tv (2020) | Review, Offer & More

best 32 inch smart TV 2020
best 32 inch smart TV 2020

What is the best 32 inch smart TV 2020 to buy? What are the features that it should have? What should be the price of a smart TV? How to know which one to pick? These are the main questions that come to your mind when you look to buy a new TV. The market is flooded with different brands that offer a plethora of features. So, how would you decide which is the best 32 inch smart TV 2020 ? Keep reading to learn more about smart TVs and how to determine the best one for your home.

What is a smart TV ?

A smart TV functions just like a smartphone. It connects with the internet and supports different types of apps. This gives you an option to stream live videos from apps and websites, play games, control virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa. You can also use it to check your social media on it – watch pictures, make video calls, and play videos through it. The TV that you buy will have some apps pre-loaded while the others can be downloaded from the app library of the television.

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Here are some features that a best 32 inch smart TV in India should have :

  1. Screen Resolution

The ability of television to show the details of a picture is what is referred to as screen resolution. Since we are discussing about the best 32 inch smart TV in India, the best resolution that this screen size television must have is 1920 x 1080. This resolution is considered to be High Definition or HD. Many 32 inch televisions are also available in pixels of 1280 x 720. Although the picture quality is good in these pixels also but 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution gives exceptional picture quality.

  1. Screen Refresh Rates

LCD and OLED televisions usually motion blur. In motion, the screen objects are blurred especially when you are watching action movies or a sport that has fast-moving scenes and the camera shot is moved from side to side. These TV screens draw a whole image and hold it till the next frame comes in to replace it. However, our eyes tend to respond at a faster rate than what is taken by the television screen to replace the images – this is what leads our eyes to see blurred images. The more the refresh rate of a TV, the lesser blurry images you will see. Usually, a TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz, but if you go for 120Hz refresh rate, then the images will be seem to be in a seamless motion and clear too.

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  1. Built-in WiFi Connectivity

Almost all smart televisions available in the market come with built-in WiFi. Having built-in WiFi gives the user a lot of advantages. One of the most important things is that it simplifies the place where you position it. Having Wi-Fi also means you don’t have to run Ethernet cable. Since you would be within the range of your home’s WiFi, you would be able to stream all types of live-streaming apps wirelessly on your television. Ensure that the TV you buy should be able to stream a lot of web programs or apps.

FAQ’s on 32 inch Smart Television

Q1. What does smart TV do that a regular TV doesn’t ?  

Unlike a regular TV, a smart TV can access internet WiFi and run apps. Usually, in other television sets you would have to physically connect a laptop or computer to access internet-based content. However, a smart TV has WiFi receivers that access your home network and run all the internet-based content easily without the usage of any additional hardware.

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Q2. Which apps can be accessed on a smart TV ?

This entirely depends on the brand of smart TV that you are purchasing. But there is a certain list of apps that most smart TVs will run. Along with this, you will also find apps that are pre-installed in the apps and more can be added through the app store according to one’s personal preference and the requirement of the family. Some popular apps that are available on most smart TVs are Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. There are many smart TVs that will let you transform smartphones to a remote, so you may easily switch channels without looking for a remote.

Q3. Are all smart televisions same ?

With so many brands available in the market, it is difficult to narrow down your choice to select the best 32 inch smart TV in India. But with some research, you will be able to identify the set of features in the smart TV that you think would best suit your family. For instance, some will offer a wider selection of apps the others will have a user-friendly operating system, and so on. It all comes down to what your preference.

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Q4. What makes a smart TV useful and enjoyable ?

Broadband Connection with Good Speed is what makes a smart TV useful and enjoyable.  Although a smart TV will function normally like other televisions if it doesn’t have internet but then you brought it for a reason. You must a have a broadband connection so you can watch all the apps on a big screen. Once your smart TV is online, you would be able to stream the online programs seamlessly only if your internet connection is fast. Therefore a broadband connection that offers good speed is what you need if you wish to make the best of your smart TV.

Q5. How do smart TVs connect to the internet ?

Smart televisions use the home network to establish an internet connection and stream videos or other services on the TV. Built-in WiFi and wired Ethernet are used by smart TV to stay connected. The latest smart TV supports 802.11 ac WiFi standards to connect to the internet. In order to optimize WiFi streaming, it is vital that the router is placed properly, the settings are done right, etc. If you are living in a huge house then the WiFi coverage should also be considered. Say for instance, if the smart TV is in the ground floor and the WiFi router is on the second floor, then seamless streaming wouldn’t be possible.

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Q6. How to ensure that the smart TV streams seamlessly ?

If your smart television doesn’t establish a strong wireless signal, then you can follow some remedies to solve this problem. The router should not be more than 3 years old. The latest WiFi router will support 802.11ac – this is the standard that all the latest smart TV brands are featuring their TVs with. You can also use WiFi range extenders, look to buy from good companies. Mesh routers can also provide you with good coverage.

Q7. Will I get regular software updates and/or new features from the smart TV provider ?

Most smart television makers (good brands) offer routine updates for all their best 32 inch smart tv in India 2020. These updates will provide new features, fix security issues and patch all types of bugs. This works just like smartphones. These features can sometimes be small, like refining the firmware of the TV and sometimes big such as providing support for HDR formats such as Dolby Vision. These updates can also update the complete OS of the smart TV. Just like smartphones have different versions, the smart TVs also have their latest versions of OS, which may differ from brand to brand. Every small and big brand manufacturer sends outs updates periodically. The frequency of updates and the type of updates may differ from company to company, but the software updates definitely happen for all smart TVs.

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Q8. Can a smart TV hang or crash like a laptop or computer or smartphone ?

Smart TVs resemble laptops and smartphones. Their features are quite similar, so as they take the good of computers and smartphones, they also take the bad. So, the answer is YES, smart TVs do hang. Just like smartphones are quickly replacing computers, similarly, the smart TVs are also providing all the features of a computer on a bigger screen. When we are at home and have access to smart TV we expect it to run all the internet-based content on its screen. We use voice interaction and manage the other connected devices through it. Internet-based devices tend to attract display issues.

If you pick smart TVs from good brands, then you are likely to face lesser crashes or laggy performances. Manufacturers have addressed the issue by adding high-performance processors, more memory and good components to address this issue. They have also added better software platforms which can easily handle all the television functions and software platforms. It is significant that you stay steer from smaller brands that manufacture smart TVs and sell them at lower prices because you will face frozen screens. Restarting the TV usually fixes this issue.

Q9. Are smart TVs compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa ?

Smart speakers are now a part of almost all households. Running homes with voice-enabled assistant are in the trend. The two most used smart speakers are Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Most smart televisions work in harmony with these voice-assistants. Manufacturers are improving this technology and the compatibility is enhanced with regular software updates. Almost all brands of smart TV providers offer smart speaker compatibility with a smart assistant. The three most used smart assistant platforms are Google, Apple and Amazon. You will probably need an extra device like a mobile or a smart speaker to be able to use the voice assistant, but then the user experience that you get is definitely worth purchasing that extra device. You would be able to control all smart devices, including your smart TV with your speech.

Brands like LG and Sony are a step ahead in their technology. They have included voice assistants in the smart TV as a built-in feature. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are available on some of the models of smart TVs manufactured by these companies. Such models of smart TVs usually build remote controls with built-in microphones. This way all the user needs to do is press a button and the voice interaction mode is enabled. More advanced models of smart TVs are using built-in far-field microphones, which lets you interact with the television just by you speaking in the room. This is the latest trend for this year and the best 32 inch smart TV in India 2020 should have this feature.

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Q10. Can a smart TV get attacked by virus or malware or be hacked by someone ?

Yes, it is possible for your smart TV to be hacked by malicious hackers or attacked by a virus. Recently some research and demonstrations have revealed that people can break into a smart TV which is connected to the internet. They can get their hands on passwords and flick through channels also. Cyber security experts have confirmed that people can break into the interface of a smart TV. Most smart TVs use Linux based OS (there are others too, but Linux is used widely) and hackers have their ways to getting through Linux. The API, which enables your smart TV to connect with your smartphone and interact with apps to stream live or display pictures is also vulnerable. The only way to ensure that your smart TV is safe from hacking or virus is to use it for entertainment purposes. Try to use difficult passwords and change them often. Avoid giving excessive exposure to the OS of your TV by using apps that are well-known and safe to use. Do not use any apps that you think may have security issues and may cause problems.

Q11.   Can I find a branded best 32-inch smart tv under 15000 in india ?

Most of the reputed brands like Samsung, Micromax, Mitashi, BPL, Haier, Intex, and others offer smart tv at this price range and display screen.

Q12.   Can I enjoy video streaming apps with smart tv under 20000 in India ?

You can expect some common apps like Netflix, youtube that are offered by the product. But advanced video streaming apps will take loads of time in play hence, not so suitable and depends on interface.

Q13. Which is Best 32-inch smart tv for gaming ?

LG, Samsung, Micromax, Mitashi, BPL, Haier, Intex, and mi are the best smart TV for gaming.

Q14.   What are the benefits of a smaller screen smart tv ?

You shall get better apps along with a small display screen, and these best 32-inch smart tv in India under 20000 or 15000 INR also offer space with portability. Isn’t that great! It even helps to save your electricity bill.