Best 32 Inch Led TV Under 10000 INR (2020)| Review & Offer

best 32 inch led tv under 10000
best 32 inch led tv under 10000

Considering looking for options amongst the best 32 inch led tv under 10000 INR that makes your movie viewing more enjoyable? LEDs dominate the market. Each year the manufacturers release the top LED TVs into the market. Getting the best TV that fits your budget can be a hard task. The OLED TVs with the top-notch quality, performance, and features demands top dollar, which a no go for most. The most significant advantage that LEDs hold over OLEDs is that they are twice as bright as OLEDs, and they are also not prone to burn-in.

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Regardless of whether it’s a little second-hand TV for the kitchen or car, we’re here to help with various explanations about the technical jargon to help you select the best-32-inch Smart TV below 10000 Rs.

Features that must be considered before investing in 32-inch LED TVs


Premium meta designs with ultra-clear views.


The LED TVs come with a 4K display with a size length of 735*440*85 mm Product Dimensions. They have 1366*768 screen resolutions.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Most of the televisions offer displays with High Dynamic Range quality. HDR quality LED TVs allow for a better video watching experience through its brightness and contrast. There are two fundamental norms of HDR on offer, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision.

  • The refresh rate is 60 Hz
  • The supported video formats include MKV and MP4
  • The ideal viewing distance of such TVs is 4-6 ft

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Connectivity And Ports

  • Television comes with HDMI ports and USB ports along with AV connectors.
  • There is also Bluetooth connectivity provided along with one headphone jack on the TV.
  • RF connectivity Input is also provided with TV models.


For quite a while, TV sound quality was on the decrease. Be that as it may. Producers have improved sound despite the impediments of ever-slimmer structures. The 32-inch display LED TVs come with 20W Speakers.

  • It has an auto volume leveler
  • It supports audio formats such as AAC and MP3

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the return or cancellation policy on these 32-inch display LED TVs ?

To return the product, go to the phone website and click to learn more information.

For the cancellation to be approved, it should be done before the product has been packaged and shipped for delivery.

What is the guarantee period for the 32-inch LED television in case of any damage ?

The guarantee period depends on the manufacturing company. Read the Warranty before buying the device. The average period starts from six months to an extension of one year.

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What if there is any defect in the tv upon delivery ?

There will never be a case of damage pieces that will be delivered. LED TVs to fall under the category of fragile delivery, where online delivery services take the utmost care in terms of producing and packaging. In case of any such issue, you can choose for a replacement.

What about the initial set up procedure ?

Once the delivery of the product, you need to call the toll-free number for the initial set up.

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What are the payment options to buy these on online websites ?

You can make the payment through cash on delivery (COD), credit cards, debit cards, and Internet banking. Most of them also offer the option of EMI with an interest rate.

Does it support Amazon prime or Netflix ?

Most of the LED TVs will support the mentioned apps. For more information, read about the features added with TV.

Does it support USB internet dongle ?

It connects to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet. If the dongle is creating a WiFi zone (like reliance WiFi device), then it will work. It also comes with features like screen-sharing.

What if the delivery facility is not available in the locality or place ?

Amazon is continuously increasing its reach in India. You can check in with the website’s location delivery option.

How can the Warranty be assured online ?

The LED TVs have experts assurance for quality, and each of them comes with a warranty card on the purchase of the model.

Is there any exchange offer with these LED TVs ?

Yes, you can get up to a specific rate off on exchange. The offer is limited to TVs only.

Does the 32-inch LED TVs under 10000 Rs come with Dolby sound ?

Most of these TVs come with Dolby Sound. It plays AC3 audio codec that is licensed by Dolby.

What is the screen share ?

The TVs come with the latest technology wireless display that enables you to connect/share mobile content on the TV screen.

Can we buy a one-year extended warranty after completion of the original warranty period ?

Extended Warranty is a particular offer available for 1-year, from the date of purchase. Contact the company about the availability of this Warranty.

How can the Warranty be extended ?

If you want an extended warranty, please issue a request in the inquiry section. The company will provide you with the necessary details.

Will I get help with the demo/installation of the TV ?

Contact the toll-free number of the manufacturer or send an inquiry email to them.

What is an audio plus? Do the 32-inch Smart TVs below 10000 Rs come with this feature ?

Audio plus is a unique feature that delivers high-quality sound with the help of inbuilt box features, which adds to more to the acoustics. Unfortunately, the 32-inch display LED TVs do not have this add-in feature.

Do we need a voltage stabilizer with the 32-inch LED TVs ?

All the LED TVs come with VFP (Voltage Fluctuation Protector), eliminating the need for an additional stabilizer.

Is there Air fly remote control feature with it ?

No, unfortunately, most of the 32-inch LED TVs under 10000 Rs do have this feature. You can look for models above this price range to get the preferred function. Go to the website of the manufacturer for more options.

Can one get further discounts ?

Unfortunately, due to the current crisis, the prices of the 32-inch LED TVs under Rs 10000 are not provided with any further discounts. To identify the best deals on a TV, stay connected to the companies Facebook page or their website.