Best 32 Inch Smart TV Under 20000 INR (2020) | Review & Offer

Best 32 Inch Smart TV Under 20000 INR
Best 32 Inch Smart TV Under 20000 INR

Are you bored with your current standard LCD or your even old CRT’s ? Consider upgrading your television viewing experience by buying the latest and best 32 inch smart TV under 20000 INR in India. Gone are the days when CRT used to dominate the television market, which was later on dethroned by LCD’s which were almost 70% thinner and catered much better viewing experience to its viewers. Now, it’s time for even efficient and better LEDs which save 90% more energy than the LCD’s and has more than 60000+ hour lifespan. So this means using LED’s will not only make a smaller dent on your wallet but also cater to you the best possible viewing experience. There are also OLED TVs available in the market nowadays, but they can cause a significant dent on your wallet, hence making it a no go for a large number of people. The most significant advantage that LEDs hold over OLEDs is that they are twice as bright as OLEDs, and they are also not prone to burn-in.

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Regardless of whether it’s a little second-hand TV for the kitchen or car, we’re here to help with various explanations about the technical jargon to help you select the best 32 inch smart TV under 20000 INR.

The following are the features of a modern-day LED TV which almost every LED TV in the world regardless of the company has:

  1. Display
  • LED TV’s are equipped with a 4k display, which is higher than every LCD TV ever made.
  • Have a screen resolution of 3840*2160.
  • HDR(High Dynamic Range) feature- Most of the television has a display with a high dynamic range, but with HDR combined with 4k, the display is more enhanced through its intelligent adjustment of brightness and contrast.

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  1. Design
  • High-quality eye-pleasing sleek design
  1. Audio
  • What’s worse than a bad speaker in your TV? Nothing. LED TV’s come with Dolby digital sound quality, and all the speakers are 20W high power and high definition, which will take your viewing experience on a whole other level.
  • Features like auto volume leveller according to the environment, makes it best for home-usage.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Some of the TVs come with inbuilt wireless gamepad compatibility.
  • Power saving mode
  • Some of the TVs have dual speakers giving you an all-round experience.
  • Modern technology has come a long way. It does not limit to the internet or portable devices or Laptops. We now can get LED TVs that run on real Android OS TV. Which means you can take full advantage of the Google platform services such as Play Store and Google Play services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the guarantee period of this 32 inch LED TV in case any damage or fault in the product happens?

Every manufacturing company has different guarantee period. But if we follow the statistics,  almost every company has a 1 year minimum guarantee period. But please read the given terms and conditions before buying any product.

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What is the product replacement/return/cancellation policy for these 32 inch smart LED TVs?

You can contact the company directly using their toll-free phone number or their website support service. You can also send a mail directly to the support service regarding your issue.

The alternative to all this is that you can directly contact the authorized dealer from where you bought the chosen product.

What are the extra entertainment features these TV’s can offer which were not mentioned above like Netflix/amazon prime/Hotstar?

Along with browsing the web you can also install the official applications of the premium apps like Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, alt Balaji etc on your television and enjoy seamlessly.

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Does it support HDMI/VGA?

HDMI is near obsolete now, almost every TV has only VGA port in them. But not all companies have removed the HDMI port from their models. So do check the specifications clearly before making a purchase.

What is the return policy for faulty delivered products?

There won’t be an issue like this ever because every product is checked thoroughly by our delivery agents before delivery. But as we all know, nothing is ideal in this world; in such cases, you may apply for a replacement.

When the delivery location is not in the listed locations you deliver, what should you do?

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything in this situation. Companies are continuously increasing the number of cities they deliver to.

How to claim the warranty online?

All the best 32 inch smart TV under 20000 in India are of top quality, each of the products comes with a warranty card number unique to every product. You can use this number to claim the warranty.

Are there any exchange offers for the 32 inch smart TVs?

Yes, companies do offer exchange offers from time to time, but the exchange is limited to TVs only.

Does it support Dolby sound system?

Yes, all the TVs come with Dolby sound system technology.

Can we buy extra warranty for our TV?

Yes, you can buy 1 or 2 years of extended warranty by paying a little bit extra. The prices and tenure of the warranty depend from company to company. 

Will the installation of the TV be done by the company employees or do you have to do it on your own ?

After the delivery of the best 32 inch smart TV under 20000 INR, please contact the company, they will send personnel who will help you install the TV.

Does the remote come with air fly feature?

No, unfortunately, LED TVs under this price don’t have this feature.

Can we get extra discounts?

No, extra discount from company is not offered.

What is audio plus? Does the 32 inch TVs under 20k come with this feature?

It is a unique feature that enhances the audio quality of the speaker, but unfortunately, TVs under 20k price don’t have this feature.

Does this come with Screen share?